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Advice: Melyssa Ford Shares How You Can Tell Your Boo You Want a HIV Test

So I was dating this guy once (God, he was hot!) and it was super hard (excuse the pun) to refrain from jumping his bones every time I laid eyes on him. But I was trying to be good, and I wanted us to get to know each other to see if we went beyond physical compatibility.

ERRRRRRRRK! Pump the breaks! Even though I’m a Scorpio and horoscope books tell us we’re ruled by our genitals, I have a fear of contracting anything worse than a cold. I always know my STD/HIV status. Negative across the board! And how do I PROVE my status? Simple. I get tested, always use protection, and I walk around with my test results in my wallet! So right as he’s going for the Magnum (I settle for nothing less, teehee), I whip out that piece of paper and do a little game of “I’ll you mine if you show me yours!” * wink wink*

Needless to say, he wasn’t as proactive/paranoid as I was. I saw this guy being a part of my future. If our relationship was to progress to exclusivity that we would be confronted with the temptation of having condom-less sex. I have implanted contraception to prevent pregnancy but it does not protect me against STDs/HIV.

Here we are having a serious conversation right before it is about to go down. Looking back, I’d say  my timing was a bit off but it had to be discussed. When, where and how do you tell your boo you need to know their status? Here are some tips to break it gently:

  1. Make it a date: It may not sound romantic but if you frame the testing as an activity you will do together your mate’s anxiety may be lowered.
  2. Role-play: Get your minds out of the gutter! Ask a friend to help you workout what you will say. You don’t want to be caught off guard by any objections your mate may have. Or,
  3. Get into Character: Scared to go to a clinic? Play sexy nurse and doctor at home. HIV tests are now available at your local drugstore for about $40. What’s the excuse now?

I can almost GUARANTEE mind-blowing sex AFTER the results are in: Nothing is sexier than knowing you and your partner are safe. Assure your boothang that after you both come back negative you are positively going to get it in.

Everyone who is sexually active should know what his or her status is. Get tested. For more information on where to get a free HIV test visit Free HIV TEST.

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