Chief Keef Posts Picture Of Sex Act & Is Fooled Via Video Chat By A Transexual [Photo & Video]

This is not Chief Keef’s week! So let’s give you a complete run down of all the maddness going on in this young rappers life. The young rapper from Chicago who is currently signed to Interscope Records has found himself in the middle of  a murder mystery, put on blast by his grandmother, video chatting with a Transexual, and caught in the middle of a sex act – ALL IN ONE WEEK! Get into all the maddness after the jump!There is so much going on that we have to break it down for you! SMH.

First there has been a highly publicized rival between him and young rapper Lil Jojo. The feud all began after a video was posted to YouTube.

A little over a month ago, we saw Lupe Fiasco overcome with emotion as he watched video of friends whose young lives were snuffed out by violence. A week ago, the Chicagoan stated that the culture Chief Keef represented scared him. Today, we see more hard evidence as to why Lupe fears for the direction of his hometown, and the young people who populate it.

A 16-year-old rapper named Joseph Coleman, otherwise known as Lil JoJo, died from gunshot wounds late last night. Coleman had been embroiled in a rivalry with Chief Keef associate and fellow rapper Lil Reese, even having an angry exchange with him in a video was posted on YouTube only a few days ago. In the clip, someone yells the words “I’mma kill you.”

In a seemingly related set of tweets following Coleman’s death last night, Keef seemed to be laughing at the tragedy that befell his teenaged rival.









Keef later took to Twitter and alleged that his account had been hacked and that he was not responsible for the blatantly disrespectful comments. We doubt that!  Chicago police are still investigating this murder and we believe Keef is still included in that investigation.

OK! Then, as Keef continued to glorify gang banging and all that comes with it he was put on complete blast by his grandmother! This has got to be the most embarrassing situation ever! His grandmother was recently interviewed and when asked about her grandson’s gang activity she answered the only way a grandmother would – HONESTLY!










“Let’s be real, I’m always saying, ‘Cut that down, turn that off, that’s too loud’ when he’s doing all that music,” G’Ma said. She continued by adding, “And girls is his thing. Girls, girls, girls. I get sick of all them girls.”

“How can he be doing all that gang stuff when he’s always home and when he’s not at home he’s out of town with me or his uncle. . . . And where’s this gang at? In my kitchen? In my basement? Where they at? In my refrigerator where he go all the time? Look, I’m granny. That’s what they call me and I didn’t grow up with none of that mess. That don’t go in my goddamn house,” she confirmed.

LOL! OK! Then he went alllllllllll the way there and posted a picture of him receiving felatio from a young girl on his instagram! SMH! Isn’t this a kid?! Ok, well we’re not going to post the picture but if you click HERE you can see it for yourself! SMH

Then lastly and most hilariously, Chief Keef was caught chatting with a transexual via oovoo! We can’t even begin to make all of this stuff up! Check out the video from the encounter below. Clearly he didn’t have a clue this was a transexual until about 10 seconds into the video then he bounced!

Can somebody please help this child, and we hope it isn’t Chris Brown’s publicist! Share your comments, looking forward to them!

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